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The biggest trading errors -

The biggest trading errors -

1. Have a stop when the Los business soak up the mistake again in its 10 minutes.

Treatment broke the nickel's 877 to 880 3 points and trash was out of your mouth.
876 You have to re-sell lsi879 small cakes, 10 minutes.
If this happens, you will not be able to participate all day and not lend to S & Traders.
Trade will give 5,000 similar losses.

Is this right?
Lasith 6 6 29 pm The second business afternoon. Now 60% of the closure that is selling is likely to be purchased before the surge comes.

Fall in love with any commodity or hate 2. flaws

Silver posted on 2 days a lot even after the third day applied to her hand. You go 400 -400 points, earned on two days, the third day and confidence back to 1200 points.

In Los Angeles, 2 days stops in Los Angeles. You have removed the screen. After the instructions will tell that on the third day it will be one-way only 2-day category was fraudulent.
Many businessmen say I just started gold -silvr.
I have the same mixture.
So they did not get birthright. When you move business with lots of copper nickel share mini buses. -Jink carry crude -nechurl gas --- Treat everybody, then intraday will move to the horse everyday to flee to the floor.

3. Here's what happened yesterday, is it. It's not all I think.

All of these are ideas and I know the price is operator (big fish) as well.
Yes, but what has happened for three months, the sample sample will be repeated in small quantities.
There is no error in bursting stop losses.
Tried technically and you suddenly market, trade, as well as the lasuple was purchased which drowned to be the injustice to you.
If you do not have the option of crying the stop then and at the next time you can not wait for the right opportunity in the slot at 11 hours 9, you will also get an overlay damaged.

4. The whole day's screen, or catching in a trading, is risky.

People with 2% more broker interaction could save not all those who did the same in the evening.
The comfort here is not Haram.
In the afternoon most people have a scent of shoveling loss and filling it at night. Sometimes it seems that 5000 has started, 5000 covers, 2000 brokerage + tax has not seen, do not want to see it.
When a broker asks for a credit / debit account to find out if someone is shocked because of the reason. Remember that the broker comes to the thief brother.
We have to come out in the middle of the anger became angry elders have come to know that only a few have come. Passengers, no guideline responsibility tickets. The currency is derived from it.
Yes, phone profits die dead everyday New life breathes.

5. Note or test is not free.

Someone will say a message button presses and people get smart tests for different names for free. Money phone, this has got quietly cleared and then the stop got damaged somewhere. The brother's statistics kept stopping the phone's damage, it was trade. Not taking money from any phone.
Moved to millions of 2-4 years, 20,000 times of human intelligence does not figure out how often 2 million.
If you pay the prize money, then it is not the money coming to sleep, understand its work and try to get it to even get it to support.
Many negative phones, rewarding merchants' merchandise, tense him to work for Uljayega to become bad.

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6 Hold the tail of the target and do not stop to sleep until it gets damaged.

7. Diwali -akha Teej comes one year, once the store opens everyday.

8. I have some of this business, I just have time to pass the time.

9. What will I gain for more months of the day?

Do not waste 10 weeks or a whole throughout the month - they also come round and the merchant go to him.

So how much 11? The calculated trading plan will remain and appear to stop the losses over the maximum. You win and gain the life of Commaoge.

12 I do not have a net connection. I trade on the phone The coach is not very different.
 I have been trading for three years I do not need training. Just call.

Call him to the feedback
Pankaj Jain
Training and Surrey Tips Call


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सबसे बड़ी ट्रेडिंग मिस्टेक्स -

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सही क्या है ?
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2. किसी कमोडिटी से प्यार या नफरत हो जाना गलती है। 

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क्यों ?
मुझे वही  जमता है।
सर पे बुलियन लिखा कर तो पैदा नहीं हुए थे। जब कॉपर -…


फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स  
FUTURE & OPTION (EASY STUDY IN 5MINUTES)click the above link for detail video

फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स कभी शेयर ट्रेडिंग की नई प्रणाली हें । चूंकि                                                                                                  
इसमें बड़े पैमाने पर ही काम अत: बड़े नुकसान या फायदे की सम्भावना बनती बनती हें । हर टर्मिनल पर एक स्क्रीन NSE -BSE की और एफ एंड ओ की स्क्रीन होती है . फ्यूचर में फिलहाल तीन सौ से ज्यादा स्क्रिप्स है जिनमे बहुत ज्यादा वॉल्यूम होता है ।  केश मार्केट में आप सौ या दो सौ -पाँच सौ क्वांटिटी ट्रेड करते है .लेकिन ऍफ़ & ओ में लॉट की साइज़ फिक्स होती है।  स्टॉक का प्राइस ज्यादा है तो लोट साइज़ छोटा है जैसे infy(2 4 0 0 ) का लॉट 1 2  5 का है .जबकि ifci(2 0 ) का लॉट 1 3 0 0 0 का है ।  लॉट की कुल वैल्यू का 1 5 % मार्जिन मनी लगता है । फ्यूचर में ब्रोकरेज 0. 0 3 % इंट्रा डे वाली लगती है । ऑप्शन -कॉल या पुट में 5 0 /लॉट ब्रोकरेज लगती है ।  फ्यूचर में ट्रेडर लास्ट थर्सडे (गुरुवार) तक रुक सकता है ।…



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