Sunday, 30 April 2017

Stock Market 3000 / - Profit 3 minutes@9.15 (5th minute

Stock Market 3000 / - Profit 3 minutes@9.15 (5th minute

The stock market opened at 9:15.
Adhere to the Nifty index in the last 3-5 days moving eyes.
And then continue to department and the eyes of individual stocks. Buy pretty / pretty mid-size stocks above the top of the gains, at the top of the low sellers losers.
In 3-5 minutes until 9:20 am scheduled to fast.
High capacity, low profit margins are the right way this time.
But it can be implemented for the first time in low quantities.
The same method is also more suitable for 3.25-3.29pm timeslots.
Intraday support and resistance are very clear after all day to see the move.
Which is beneficial to equity cash first, then you can apply for a choice as well.

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