Thursday, 13 April 2017

stock option & nifty option trading course online for mumbai, banglore & new delhi

Stock option & nifty option trading course online for Mumbai, Bengalore & New Delhi

option trading project most safe strategy(hindi) in stock market/mcx commodity
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Stock option trading is the best trading approach if you know how to handle it.
Option may be traded with minimum capital investment.Nifty option can be traded even with 10 thousand capital.
You can scale up it later if you are successful in single lot.
Stock option may be traded with 20 to 40 thousands capital.
The major investment is the training only.
Traders lose their total capital in 3 months generally. Then they are afraid of option trading lifelong.
OPTION TRADING have 22 strategies which are suitable for different market conditions.

We are going with 3 month intensive option observation project which gives you total confidence for lifelong.One can practice on paper without any big risk.
If any one is planning to go like a serious professional then 3 to 6 month practice is not a big deal.
Is it OK to have 5000/- daily even after 1 year.

An example from 12 april 2017 real market story-
there was a huge open interest in Adani power Stock Options.
There was no surety about direction, so we made position both sides.
bought 47.5 call+ 42.5 put when adani power was running 45.5.
It went down side to 37.5 suddenly & selling was total unexpected.
CALL cost was 0.80* 20000 lot size=16000
PUT cost was 1.1*20000 =22000
Total =38000 both side

Put was 3.5*20000=70000 alone.
call was 0.20*20000=4000
total =74000/-

We earned 74000-380000=36000/- net
when market went opposite totally.
That is the beauty of knowledge based option trading.
Course fee is 25000(3 month or 45000(6 month only.


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