Wednesday, 7 February 2018

stock market future option & commodity forex - How to use any video course?

stock market future option & commodity forex - How to use any video course?

First of all see all videos in 2 days. 
then select startegy videos for practice.
practice 2 startegy morning or evening.
Don't do it all with actual money.
1 position can be actual.
all other should be on paper.
you can practiace all within a week only.
then focus on suitable 3 strategy as per your capital, available time & your personality (aggressive or defensive)

strategy videos are 10-15 only.
but all other suitable videos will give you deep understanding of various market conditions.

when you pay less money,then more time is required to invest.
but anyone can learn this biggest business of stock F&O currency mcx online trading in just 10/- per day.
because it cost 4999/- for lifelong.
you can learn at your own speed.
Keep practicing till you get perfection,

the best thing is that,
you can learn with your family.
Learning with family is the best time sharing with productivity and have fun together like a game.
You can see all video courses on our website,
pay online & get course in your mail id on the same day.