Saturday, 4 May 2019

Homeschool.Unschool. Sudbury valley school - US. MUST WATCH for every parent

I read a publication of banyan tree publication.
When i started homeschooling of my children then there was no clear cut picture.
It was a bold step with some hidden intuition.
I was involved deeply in establishment of one school.
We wanted to change education system positively within traditional framework.
But that system is a problem itself.
That is all about writing exams.It should be about observing, thinking, understanding & making decision.
Exam is the main hurdle of real learning.

What was there in sudbury valley school?
It stared in 1968. Working & delivering since 50 years.
There were no pre decided subject & exams.
No forced teaching by teachers. They will help when asked by students.
Students are choosing there own interest and getting totally involved into subject.
School infrastructure is natural & simple.
They are buying chairs even from thrown away by households.
That is why fee structure is affordable.

No classification agewise.
So seniors are learning to take care & juniors are learning to take essential guidence.
Students are participating in management of school.
A 4 year Kid is using stool to reach sink & washing  utensils. No one is stopping him. He becomes confident & responsible in this way.
Student learnt algebra in 2 months only which was taught in 10 months in schools generally.
There was no boundary wall so few students are seen in cafe during school hours.
Some student learnt to read at age of 12-14.but it was difficult to recall after some years that one was lagging.
Fishing example.
Last rites manager.
They wanted new computers then they cooked some delicious cakes /pastry and sold in carnival to arrange funds.
Interview & placement of students.
Clarity of purpose when they are not forced or influenced.
Participation of parents in teaching & infrastructure.
When students from other schools came to sudbury valley, they had got the habit to please some teachers for validation.
But students who were in sudbury from beginning, they were natural.They won't attend weekly class or meeting if they don't feel like it.
And teachers took no offense. 

They had no certificates.
Things are changing around us but we don't see it.
Companies can hire even from your facebook page.Freelancer is there.
You need to learn to solve any single problem.
400 billionaire are college dropouts globally but still we can't see this.

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