Friday, 17 May 2019

how to trade in Equity cash on election result day.

Equity cash सेगमेंट में trade kaise करे result के din?
Small quantity with strict stop loss.
Buy 100 share@high and sell @day low.
Book part profit fast and use cover order.
There should be single trade at a time.

Don't  react in losses.
Don't  open any trade just after closing of one trade.
There will be great volatility with changing scenes every hour.

What to do if it is already opened with huge gap up or gap down.
If can't afford such shock financially or emotionally. Then wait for clarity before entering.
No one won here with hassle.

Don't  increase volumes after 2 consecutive profits.
Control  greed after profits
and control fear after loss.

First count total stoploss value,
Then decide volume accordingly.
Stoplosses don't work sometimes.

broker trading system  will stop working on  day of huge crisis like lower circuit or upper circuit.

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