Thursday, 2 May 2019

#bank nifty and #nifty - these secrets will make you master of future and option trading

#bank nifty and #nifty - these secrets will make you master of future and option trading.

If it is a bull trend index(nifty/sensex or banknifty) or any stock may recover 3 smaller  downfalls in just 1 big rally.
Any of the above underlying will come above ATP then buy it with stop loss of ATP.
In bear trend, it 1 big fall will erode 3 smaller  gains.

If it's price comes near quarterly or yearly high to break it making new high.It will surely happen,but just after break there will be a sudden dip.
In the same if it is coming frequently near low then it will break recent low to make new lows.
There will be a sudden jump just after that.It will be very shocking without hedging.

Sometimes Nifty or sensex maintain till 2.30pm,then it suddenly reverses.We suggest #middaybreakout strategy or #doublestoploss strategy there to remain safe & get profit Either of both sides.

When there is some event in market like result of heavy weight stock or rbi policy,
nifty or bank nifty shall wait for any positive or negative trigger so it will remain range bound.
If there is some leakage of information (insider news) then market may break out before actual event.
So full or partial hedging is always suggested.
For example,
Most of the trader investors were waiting for central election 2019. All were planning to pour in money after that clarity on governance.
But nifty/ sensex broke out just before that.
Same thing happens before annual budget many times.


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