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Intraday equity & BTST paid long video

Intraday equity & BTST paid long video 

1.Video duration (23.55min
This strategy  tells about details of right trading in gap up or gap down stocks shown in moneycontrol.

2.Video duration (30.50 min
This video tells simple but deep secrets of technical analysis which can change your trading results in dramatically positive way.
It gives common sense to see index chart first,then chart reading of right stock on right time within 2-4minutes only.

3.Video duration (7.06min
This video explains BTST buy today sell tommorow.
How to select right stock.Buy it at3.29pm and sell@9.15am.
BTST keep you safe from impulsive overtrading & sudden reversal of market.
It is very common in big traders specially brokers.

4.Video duration ( 16.42 min
This is open-low & open- high strategy.
It helps in taking clear cut decision for buying or selling of suitable stock on that day.
You are going to equity stock in nseindia.Com and buying@9.15 or 9.35am.
Mid day session 1.25 or 1.54pm.

5.Video duration (6.39 min
Intraday result calender strategy for equity cash.
This is very useful in month of quarterly results (mar/jun/sep/dec).
New based trading is most dangerous without proper hedging.
Given strategy will give you safe and rapid profits in unexpected up-downs.

6.Video duration (26.39 min
Pair strategy for equity cash.
In this strategy we are buying strongest stock and selling weakest from the same sector.
This will give you the benefit of stock specific moves and it saves us from sudden reversal of any sector.

7.Video duration (26.28 min
This video explains screener "recovery from intraday low" and "fall from intraday high."
This strategy gives you special opportunity to get huge profits from mid & small cap stock reversals.
Such stocks move once or twice in a quarter, so this screener keeps easy track.

8.Video duration (29.19 min
This video tells you to create powerful market watches for intraday and BTST.
Top holding of mutual funds
fastest stock from mutualfundindia.Com
New 52week high/low & all time high low.
golden cross from trendlyne.Com with max positive change in holding by FII /MF in last quarter.
Market watch is like fertile land to grow extraordinary profits.
So right market watch is most important  tool for successful trader.

9.Video duration (30.02 min
Volume increase price rise way2wealth.Com.

10.Video duration (29.18 min
11.30 to 1.30pm
mid  day breakout strategy

11.Video duration (22.14 min
This strategy uses technically bullish & bearish stocks from earnometer.Com.
It makes day trading simple for traders who are unable to study much.

12. Video duration (27.33 min
Volume increase price rise from various websites.
topstockresearch. Com
volume is very important so it is discussed in 2 long videos.

13.Video duration (36.48 min
This video explains one scrip at a time means single trade strategy.This is useful for BTST too.
How to see technical summary,volume and to trade fast in first 5minutes @9.15am and last 5minutes@3.25pm.

14.Video duration (25.50 min
This video explains study of mid & small cap mutual funds to pick some strong mid small caps fundamentally as well as technically.
If any such stock outperform extraordinary then institution's buying interest is the main reason behind this.


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FUTURE & OPTION (EASY STUDY IN 5MINUTES)click the above link for detail video

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