Monday, 21 January 2019

Future paid long video (stock, nifty, bank nifty)

Future paid long video
(stock, nifty, bank nifty) duration 22.53min
This future strategy uses exactly same open-high for selling futures  & same open- low for buying futures. duration 23.52min
Same sector pair strategy.
We buy the future of strongest stock and sell weakest stock from same sector i.e.
Buy tcs@hi & sell infy@low.
This is very important strategy for stock futures because sudden reversal in any sector may cause huge loss. duration 20.27min
OI increase price rise for buying future.
OI increase  price decrease for selling stock futures. duration 18.39min
This strategy is based on sector study first.
Then you are placing buy order in strong stocks & selling order in weak stocks.
We shall hedge future buy with put buy.
And future sell with call buy.
See top20 stock futures in equity derivative of nse. duration 30.50min.
This video explains effective & applied technical analysis for future trading.
You will see technical of nifty first then right stock for the day.
Traders lost their total capital in futures without knowing technicals. duration 30.35min
One trade@one shot strategy. When we open so many position at the same time,it becomes difficult to take decisions and we lose money finally.
This strategy explains everything about choosing right buy or sell and booking profit or loss with total control. duration 7,06min
BTST strategy For stock futures.
When market opens gap up in bull runs,this becomes best strategy, because intraday traders find it difficult to enter in gap up level.
Chances of stoploss are more than60% even if they enter somehow. duration 6.39min
Result calendar strategy for stock futures.
This strategy gives detail method to take profit in stock futures with minimum risk in a highly volatile day. duration 9.18min
Stock future result calender strategy part2 duration 28.06min
This strategy video explains OI change study by moneycontrol app.
It helps to track big moves especially in mid & smallcap sectors.
This is very important & powerful strategy for stock futures. duration 31.50min
This strategy tells to buy ltp-high stocks and to sell ltp-low stocks to sell from top20 stock future list.
This is evergreen strategy to be used by a trader lifelong. duration 20.06min
Mid day range break out strategy (11.30 to 1.30pm) for NIFTY future.
We focus on a sIngle trade activated between 1.30 to 2.30pm. duration 27.33min
Volume increase price rise by chartlink or topstockresearch.Com.
Volume increase price decrease strategy is very useful & reliable.
It should be practiced regular for 30 trading days on paper only and see profit in percentage of capital implied.