Friday, 9 June 2017

Mutual fund training online can make you billionaire

Mutual funds are becoming very popular now a days. MF is indirect investment in any asset class.
Investor is giving his money to asset management company (AMC).
It invest money into equity /debt or any asset class with fund manager's expertise.
Mutual fund doesn't need even demat account. Mutual funds have been giving 3times return of fixed deposit return in more than 5 years tenure.
But Indians missed this opportunity due to just not knowing atbout this. Investors from all over the globe made myoney from Indian stock market.
One can invest lumpsum or through SIP / stp . Your own knowledge give you assurance to invest up to your right capacity.
Sometime an average fellow invest 20000/- in a fund and it shows more than 35000/- in just 2 he's. He is very happy.
But he is having fixed deposit of 20lacs and 5 to 10 lacs in insurance.
Just think,
If he is getting even more than 100percent return on his 1percent capital.
what's the use?
20 percent on 10lac (half of his capital) is
2 lac.
More than 10times of earlier explained return. So better financial plan means right return on right capital with right risk.
You can learn about all types of mutual funds in an online training given by moneyguru through
You can create 100times more wealth in your career span by spending less than 0.5 percent of your investment for such training to kick start.
Books and video lessons for Mutual Funds are also available in negligible price for securing future of your kids.


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