Saturday, 10 June 2017

Wonderful benefit of bed ridden illness,you will not be scared of any disease if you read it once (independence day gift - aazadi Bimari se

When my dad became paralyzed suddenly,I was so shocked because his fitness was an example for all others.
I couldn't accept it anyway.I was planning to take my parents to India tour with my wife and kids.It is possible because my kids are home schooling.
All the plans washed away.
We had been there in hospital for weeks.It sounds so painful.But I want to share one insight here.
Hospital days are most peaceful days after beginning struggle. No one stops now a days when everything is normal but you stop here.
We find confusion in doing anything whether it is worthful or not?
When you are serving your family there is no doubt within.It is must and must be done right now.
I haven't remain so close with my father. It was a warm and healthy relationship since beginning but it was looking and handling your father like a baby.
My father was hopeless sometime when his body was normal. There were severe family friction .He was having a question within that was raising my children that wrong?
When he fell to bed then he realised that he did something right what is he getting back now.All the children came along and have a feeling of complete family for a while.
People leave the world in fear and worry for their loved one. My father got a real chance to see all the relations with naked eyes beyond age old presumption s.
So it was a right preparation to say goodbye to the life gracefully.
And above all,
This bed ridden months helped him to get free from false ego  accumulated from his officer life or religious contamination.
It was a whole month with family in indore. My father is paralytic since last 9months.
It was a totally new experience.
I am getting some deep insights into my own behaviour.
Dad is also showing so many new and unseen shades of his personality.
These days were extremely hot. so i spent most of the hours inside the home only.
Enjoyed peace of mind while working .
it is most difficult to organize your own thinking.if you are open to all direction,you are not starting and not reaching anywhere.
to focus on something ,one need to reduce outside exposure. it is not easy to say no to your friends passtime proposal.
it can be avoided to face such proposal from very beginning.It is always difficult to exit in middle of something.
I had fun too during this period.That is why I am not waiting to end difficult period but I am really waiting for him to be free from within.


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