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Stock market Intraday 7 mar course|FREE |PANKAJJAIN|nifty banknifty |option tips

Intraday 7 mar course
First of all see moneycontrol app.
Indian indices.
See nifty 100
Midcap 100
Smallcap 100 stocks
Check chart comfortably 1 day/5 day.

4 Don't
No time descipline

Then take 15 minutes stock breakout.
Watch max volume. If LTP is near day high then buy it.
Put stop loss of 0.5% & leave it.
Leaving it a most important thing.
If you ate continuously watching your child, then you might micro manage them.
You won't let them grow properly.

Why is someone earning 3-5% but other is hardly getting 0.5% on capital.
Focus on power stocks.

If you are not ready to put a reasonable stoploss then you won't be able to leave a profit to grow big.
You understand right things & want to practice it too.
But unable to stop old patterns.

Keep it simple & short KISS strategy to never forget it even in worst volatile market swings.
How long would it need to be successful trader?
3 days only.
Take a compelete 10 strategy course.
Profit targets
700daily *22=15000 sl400
11th month from now means 2022
7000*22=1.5lacs per month SL 3000
If there is a loss for 2 days continued, then reduce volume to previous level.

It is a process and it will take time.


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