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Relationship break up - what one feels every hour? आपका कभी ब्रेकअप  हुआ है ?

https :// #Relationship break up - what one feels every hour? आपका कभी ब्रेकअप  हुआ है ? बड़ी कोशिश से चला  हूँ मगर  यही डर  है  फिर लिए आएगी मुझे कोई लहर तेरी तरफ मैं न देखू तुझे  ये कितनी देर मुमकिन है  कि जरा देर और ये मेरी नजर तेरी तरफ मैं अपने आप को आठो पहर धकेलता हूँ  इक  कशिश खिचती है शामो सहर  तेरी तरफ  यार हर बार कही से किसी बहाने  से  मुड़ ही जाती है हरेक रहगुजर तेरी तरफ  अक्ल कहती है किसी मंज़िल , किसी हासिल को  चल  दिल ये  कहता है जब भी पछु किधर ,तेरी तरफ  यही उलझन है कि मैं  ना चलु तो  जी न सकू    दुनिया नाराज़ है चलता हूँ अगर तेरी तरफ " how to get over your ex storytime inspire heartbreak social media

Bollywood alphabets (real life education in summer vacation

Alphabets of Bollywood (A to Z movies) Which worked like core learning for my home schooler daughters. Gandhi /Lincoln & panchtantra was the same model of learning. A - aanand B - barfi / black C - chak de! India D - dear Zindagi E - english vinglish F - fashion G - gangs of wasseypur , gangoo bai H - highway I - iqbal /I am kalam J - jab we met K - kahaani L - lagaan M - munna Bhai m.b.b.s. N - neerja , Newtown O - omkara P - pk / paan Singh tomar Q - queen R - rang de basanti, rockstar S - Satya T - taare zameen par U - udaan / uri V - Vicky donor / veer zara W - Wednesday X - Y - yuva Z - Zindagi na milegi dobara

More than enough " secret of abundant financial freedom

More than enough? I got financial freedom at the age of 40 only. I kept observing all my seniors, colleagues and juniors too to confirm traditionally prevailed assumptions of future & security. My father was having limited resources. He was at very good post to accumulate a lot  in the name of children's future. But he always felt more than enough. And Now I see that it has become a solid reality. He could invest love, shared knowledge & time with family which gave real returns. See my video with my father published on 21 April. I too ran behind money for some years,but I felt it like a big misconception. I thought that I will be more loved by my family after financial success because all of our nears & dears have been talking about career & money all the time. But my success created a new distance only. May be it was lack of time or I lost my tolerance what I had earlier at the time of struggle. I lost my well earned money once in middle of my career

Nifty secrets for biggest profits & total safety

If nifty opens gap up, then it will move upside for next 1-2 hrs till 11.30am, Then there will be profit booking Followed by a range till 1.30pm. There may be sudden reversal or sudden dips due to europe market opening. That's why we suggested mid day range break out for nifty or bank nifty. When nifty touches yearly high /low or all time high /low then it will make new high in medium term but there will be sudden big dips in very short term. Traders lose big money in such scenerio because of over optimism. Big moves are always after some positive or negative news or trigger. When that news is over then a vaccume created which creates blind volatility. Book profits till 3pm because intraday positions are squared off at 3pm generally by all discount brokers. Positional - Focus on stocks near 52week low for short selling after any huge rally for safe short selling. and focus on stocks near 52week high for long position after any huge dip for safe buying. Day trading -

Nifty movement - how / when and why does it move? Only secret for 300% profits and almost zero risk

Nifty movement - how / when and why does it move? Only secret for 300% profits and almost zero risk Nifty movement It is necessary to see nifty movement thoroughly. 1. If nifty or sensex are falling down since 3days and you are planning to enter in bottom but scared too about further fall. So waiting for one gap up opening of market. If market is really having bullish reversal then sensex/nifty with open more than 0.5% gap up and that too will run upside from there within 20-30minutes only. 2. If sensex/nifty is opening with less than 0.3% gap up opening and you are able to buy index future or stocks easily at comfortable price , Then it may be a false & unsustainable reversal. Jis gadi ko aasani se pakad Pao wo mostly chadne layak nhi. Chalo chadh bhi gye Josh me toh, Baithne layak toh hai hi nhi. 3. Nifty /sensex will be range bound after 2 days clear movement either side. So reduce your trading volume or change instrument from future to option or option to equity

Insurance - How to use all insurance for secure life? इंश्योरेंस का सही उपयोग आपको अमीर बना देगा?

IInsurance - How to use all insurance for secure life? इंश्योरेंस का सही उपयोग आपको अमीर बना देगा? this video tells about all types of insurance.Most of people invest big amount in wrong policy & they can't be rich due to this. 7066045880 8381021346

#2 bollywood movies to understand hidden things of stock market? आपका होमवर्क 2 बॉलीवुड मूवीज

#2 bollywood movies to understand  hidden  things of stock market? आपका होमवर्क 2 बॉलीवुड मूवीज This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: 100% safe & practical training without a single leave. 55000 (6 month with live market support one weekend may be enough to kick start. 8381021346 see all new video courses self learning  (detail content / syllabus 4999/- each video course  above what is future & option in stock market in hindi, future option in stock market, best stock pick in indian share market 2018, future & option stock list, stock market training course kolkata, stock market training In UK, indian stock market course in dubai, commodity trading in india, f