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banknifty pdf strategy

Banknifty strategy pdf There are 2 ways to trade in banknifty. For daily trading Buy banknifty this month +sell next month@9.53am  and @1.53pm  With SL 25 point both side. If there is a big move than you will get profit either side. For positional trade See weekly high low from  Or Moneycontrol app. Keep buy@weekly high &  Sell @weekly low . So that Trade will activate once in a week. If trader is trading daily,then there will be huge tax & brokerage due to uncontrolled overreacting. If one is getting 0.5% means 150 points once in a week, Then it will be 500 points in a month. 12 to 15000 on 1 lac capital is easily possible with weekly trade. Extra 500 points will be maintained with daily trade twice only. If SL hit once don't repeat trade in reaction.

2021 FnO strategy

  2021 FnO strategy First of all note 5 day high low of NIFTY. If nifty is on higher side focus on put. If it is on lower side then focus on call. If nifty breaks weekly high then buy near out of money call with stoploss 10% of premium. If it breaks weekly low then buy near OTM put with same SL. Same will be done with banknifty. See given screener in description my intraday set up for buy & my intraday set up for sell. It will be more clear after 1.30pm. See which sector is overtaking. Buy near out of money OTM call with bargain buy & SL of 5% of premium. Say infy call3000 with premium of cmp 70. Keep bargain buy@67 with SL63 (4p Suppose tatasteel 650put with premium of 12. Keep bargain buy@11 with SL 10.5 (5% of premium. You will miss half of the trades but safety is More important. Refer finer bullish by tomorrow for BTST.