Friday, 7 December 2018

How to start in stock market from abc? शेयर मार्केट में abc से शुरू कैसे करें?

If you want to enter in the stock market, the most frequent question  is where to start from and what should  be right sequence of various tasks involved.

1.check if you have pancard.
If you don't  have, apply for it.
You can search for agency in google
"Pan card agency in bandra". online for stock brokers in your area.
There should be sub brokers with office set up near by or some discount broker online.
We suggest to go to some nearby trading set up to just be familiar with day to day trading operations and terminology.

3. Be prepared with cancelled cheque of bank saving account, photos,address proof or identity proof.
And a nominal account opening fee.
It may be from INR 300 to 800 but doesn't matter at all.

4.Then take a set of books & video course and start watching in couple of spare minutes.Take 72 hour whole sole market  moto.
That will be a right kick start.

5.Meanwhile  your trading account will be processed.
Download  the trading app of your broker on smartphone and login with given password & user id.
Get the trading set up on your laptop free of cost through emmy or showmypc screen sharing software by brokers IT staff.

6.Put a small capital  in your trading account from 5000  to 20000 in the beginning.

7.Start practicing buy & sell order with nominal volumes because you would make so many mistakes in the beginning
we should not waste big money in such basic learning.

8.Choose the most simple and basic strategy for first 10days.
then start trying other strategies one by one when you are comfortable in placing orders,watching screen and taking immediate actions.

9.focus on equity cash first (low volume to high volume)
Then nifty option/bank nifty call put
nifty future & bank nifty future (1trade/day
stock option (first paper,then actual)
Then stock futures finally.(single hedging per day).
There is a big dip every quarter,plan any next big step only after such big dip.

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Detail  6 month course 55000 (6m


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