Wednesday, 10 January 2018

REAL estate property trading investment & broking course for everyone 1999/- launching offer

REAL estate property trading investment & broking course for everyone 2999/- launching offer
SET of videos + new weekly videos+

MY OWN HOME is an age old dream. This is the  investment which is supported by society, family &  even by government too.
your wife & mother can relate easily.
BUT a single wrong decision can get the whole family in trouble for years.
Transaction cost & process is expensive in terms of time, money & labour involved.
If someone is buying a flat worth 40 lacs, it may cost 2% brokerage (Rs. 80000/-) & months of time.
So this course is very useful & valuable for every family.
Go though it once is a MUST for all.

1. Background & history of real estate,
2. Valuation as an asset class,
3. Comparative study - Various types of property investment,
    Plot,Flat,Row house, office or agriculture land,
4. Buying or selling,
5. Rental Income or maintanance of  property,
6. How to start your own broking business,
7. Legal matters of a property,
8. How to study Home loans?,
9. Detail procedurte to get home loan.,
10. Your networth & total money management,
11. Proper allocation to real estate,
12. Right negotiation skills to get best deals.,
13. How to make wide network to expand your broking business.,
14. Sources of study - field study & online study,
15. Chart, pricing & loaction trends,
Many new topics will be added on basis of hundreds of trainess' whatsapp & email communications.


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