Saturday, 16 December 2017

Jouney of MONEYGURU (Pioneer of stock market commodity trading course for middle class traders in ASIA

Jouney of MONEYGURU (Pioneer of stock market commodity trading course for middle class traders in India
I started my journey 15years back.Being mechanical engineer basically,I wasn't aware of financial Field.
Started intraday trading in beginning,made usual mistakes by beginners and lost capital.
But I realized the basic difficulties faced by trader investor.So I started to provide basic training to fulfill those missing links.
That classroom training got huge response.So I got exposure with thousands of trainees.
That in depth real field experience took me to advance level in market.
Classroom training was limited to 2-3 states only.But 90% of traders were unable to attend classroom training due to lack of time & money.
This actual and serious problem promoted me to go online with video course & phone classes.
It became a huge success and most effective model to learn anything with minimum time,effort and money.
That's why we have reached 17 counties in globe   and all Indian states as well.
We are connected to metro cities and distant rural villages in North East simultaneously.
I started as a layman in this field so I am well connected to any layman who knows nothing right now and will be confident within next 20days only.

Pankaj Jain


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