Friday, 7 July 2017

How to earn money in forex market and currency trading?

Forex trading is very popular term on internet now a days. So many websites are full of advertisements about Forex or currency online trading.
Many of us are attracted towards huge income figure shown by them and jump blindly into it. Rest of us are just doubtful to take any further step.
It is true that you can earn money in online trading but not without proper approach like a professional.
There should be proper input of time,money and knowledge to be consistently successful.
We can trade in so many currencies but 4 currency pairs are traded mostly in Indian exchanges which are providing totally legal and safe platform.
Those 4 pairs are
Euro- INR
INR stands here for Indian rupee.
Us dollar, British pound, European currency and Japanese Yen are another currency in pair respectively.
You need to open currency trading account online which can be opened easily in 300 to 700inr.
You can put basic capital 10k onwards to start this biggest worldwide business. One can have 20 to 100 times leverage from various brokers.
It means you can trade currency future worth 2lac to 1crore in the pocket money of a student.
But such leverage is very risky without deep knowledge because you may lose 100 times faster.
That is what happens with 95% traders.Why?
They are not starting like a professional but a gambler.
You can learn everything online in negligible fee and 20-30 minute’s spare time daily from simplified training for beginners.
These websites are having trainings from 10k to 50k INR or USD 150-900 only.
These trainings can provide career with total freedom and lifelong solution.
Moneyguru Pankaj Jain


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  2. The best way to earn in forex trading is to learn new techniques of market on daily basis, forex trading is risky to earn more profit a trade should know how to manage risk and rewards in the market.
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  3. The foreign exchange market (forex) is the largest market in the world for the trading of currencies.