Wednesday, 27 April 2016

MC X zero loss trading (10 minutes, 2000

Today natural gas inventory buying was taking place in the first NG.
By morning it was over NG ATP.
We have 7. 5 to 8 pm, was once asked to book profits.
Time high of 228. The 30 was made.
A minute later came the sudden dip price fell to 226.50.
22 9 7 8 pm just jumped right in and became high.

If the natural gas inventory to work much faster
Trade will have to get used to putting.

Trader in the flexibility (flexibility) is required.
Many traders buying or selling on the phone to say that once we stop and leave Los planting.
Who repeatedly take tension? But then go away overnight SL 10000 There is no tension.

Market Komlikated no fixed formula will not work this day.
Bayer above average and more by watching you, no data has suddenly arrived and reverse market, the Selling and Buying of exit from the everyday habits can earn here.

These are why we call 15-15 minutes, because the smallest 0. 1% of the Stop Loss works.
5 If the Stop Loss skip to 0.5% Loss on 0 profit directly. Get 5% -1%.
Yesterday (22/08/2013), see Chart 5. Silver or gold by 400 points to 50 am directly in silver and gold got 150 points.
You would be wrong 100 pt's analysis of sales by the S & L and buying directly to you
Then the 6 to 100 pt 6 to 30 with the S & L remains the trend.
Otherwise 6. 7 of 30 in the time slot you would recover your 100 pt.

100pt sometimes get as 1000pt is in the S & L.

Stop Loss little ones who dare to enter every rally, because the mistake was too will improve in the next hour.
How much blood do you want to be involved in an all-day Los Finally the lights and go home, because for a long time, if ever, will the trade will dip interest in SL whether Kitna only get bigger.

Small S L are so entrenched in the wrong scrip scrip they get to choose which further clarity is here today, now.
Do they trade, they then calculate how much money flew together all the stop loss is a loss, but then put the liver so called deal.

Calls for the feedback
Pankaj Jain
Surrey Call Centre Training & Tips


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