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MCX Trading Systematic Daily Plan

1. First of all, see global market & check very important data timing    & note all those.

2. Then see charts of all 9 scrips for 21days & 6month in     or

3. If some scrip is gap up or gap down opening then place buy 
   above high & sell below low(trading robot model) otherwise make    hedging in 2 scrips after 11.30 am,which is more than 0.5% up or 
   down. same commodity hedging is more safe (buy leadm         
   sep + sell leadm Oct).

4. Book small profit once before 2.30 pm.

5. We can apply trading robot model.Place 18 buy/sell orders in 9 
    scrips @ 11.30 am & keep booking fast profit in activated 
    trade. NG & menthaoil may give regular profit before 5 pm.

6. Place 4 charts of 4 moving scrips(more than 0.5%) in screen & 
    keep watching.

7. See the confirmed resistance & supports in all scrips & select 2 
    best scrips.
    Buy/sell with small SL at 5.54/6.29 pm.
    leadm/zincm daily hedging with 0.3 pt SL suggested@6.54 pm.

8. Get prepared for crude inventory on Wednesday & NG inventory    on Thursday 8 pm.

9. Book all profit till 8 pm generally.

10. If there is more than 1.5% move in any scrip(specially 
     gold/silver) then   you can wait in micro lot with small SL til 9.30      pm.

11. AVOID btst in commodity market without any big reason.


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