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commodity trading part 1+2



What is most important to earn in mcx /stock market trading?

1.Two things are most important
Technicals- to understand basic direction of chart
Discipline - time discipline+Target discipline
Whenever a big up /down movement comes,it attract all the traders back.when traders come back to trade,it becomes rangebound again.
Just notice last fridays free fall.
Then very dull movement on sat,monday and tuesday morning.
When 90% trader became hopeless,it just moved up 2000pts in 4 hrs.
2.Beginners are hyperactive.they  try to trade on every up & down.
Mature trader choose 10 trades in a week.
If chance goes,its ok,but capital should not go away.
So calculate number of trade and stop losses u can afford.
Suppose there is a positional buy call in nickel abv 1052 sl 1034(18pt=4500)tgt1100
A small trader can't afford it but he wants to.
He should use rs.3-3 sl 3 times.
buy@1052 sl 1049
buy@1043 sl1040
Buy@1037 sl1034
In this way it is possible to trade such call in just rs. 9 sl.

3.       How were the global mkts last night.(see at

4.       When mkt opens at 10am. First of all, see the direction of comdex index at right top of screen. 

5.       Create mkt watch before 10.

6.       Place 4 commodity on upper half of screen, and place odin chart in lower half.

7.       U can start test trade with micro silver at 10.01. It is possible to have 150pts in silver in first 3 min. But do it with strict sl.when u become confident for 7 days in silvermicro then do it with mini 5kg or 30kg.for this it is necessary to have key board & operator skill in ur silver@ 51900 sl 51750 tgt 52100place all the order fast.after confidence & observation 3 big lots gives u 15000 in first 3 min. Never do it without strict stoploss.

8.       Ur reaction time is very important in trading. How many minutes do u take for decision & execution of trade?

9.       Don't be imotional when stoploss hits. It is better to hit 5 sl of 150pts rather than 1sl of 1000pts.

10.     Be flexible in trading.suppose silver goes up in morning and down in afternoon & again up in evening,then flexible trader takes 200pts from each 500 pts in safe zone.

11.     Never try to chase any commodity till pick or bottom. 
Place prior order for profit booking. Book at bottoms and resell again at jump or if it breaks low. (always with sl) 

12.     Keep time from 10 to 11am. Check opportunity at 2 pm when data comes. 
Avoid trading between 6 to 8 without clear tip.last trading session from 8 to 9.30. Then enjoy with family. 

13.     Target discipline. Fix min 2% daily tgt on capital. Every trader is not supposed to trade on every call. U can have 6000 in 3 safe calls with small sl. 

14.     Target for max loss in a day should also be fix with profit tgt. 
Trading every hour will not give u any profit.just learn to digest profit or loss. Take rest of 2 hours or 2days after small/big loss. 
Check this website to see annual charts of commodity- 
Commodity section 
See all products, details & fundamental(demand & supply) 
If u have problem with english,check this site 
Commodity section

15.Do not irritate when sl hit.
always count amount of stoploss instead of number of stoploss.

16.if there are clear resson to by something with ressonable sl then buy it.
if suddenly buyers decresse ,don,t wait for sl hit ,just come out .

17. Keep booking part profit and keep trailing SL(STOPLOSS) in remaining lot.

18.For great profits ,
          we need to do one thing only control your losses .profit will take care of itself.

19.Trader make a common mistakes.they control their profits, but wait in losses,
         there should be 1:3 ratio is sl/profit.

20.When u open positions ,just calculate the value of total stoplosses.if total stop loss amount is higher,then reduce the volume.

21. Control over volume is the ultimate control.If we are making 3mistakes in micro lot,then recovery is possible in single big lot.

22. do not over trade.If daily loss reach 2% of capital,then stop trading immediate
and it takes time to practice.

23.Just learn to digest profit or loss.
Take a break,listen music,go to market,meet people or study old charts on internet.

24.Always think in percentage(%).If silver is moving 500pt then it is just 1%.It may go upto 6% someday.

25.Beginners are hyperactive,but mature traders trade only when there is strong reason.

26.Learn to see mkt watch with time discipline,twice or trice a day.(say @1.55pm,5.55,8.55pm )
If you learn to remain calm in red and blue .then you will win definitely.

27.  Calculate your daily brokerage and taxes.You can't ignore detail cost in any business.

Traders generally pay upto 1000/- for daily brokerage+taxes,but they never calculate this.That is why they are not mentally prepared to pay half of this(500/- daily) for good research and training.

28.just record all your trade in a pocket diaryand analyse your trading behaviour & methodology day by day.
Facts & figures show us exact picture.
Do not argue and do not justify your mistakes.
Accept simply,then rectify day by day.
29.A trader's core thought is very important.If you think that it is a gambling of chances,then it becomes gambling actually.
If  one consider it like a genuine business,then he is ready for all proper inputs.

30.Leave your ego,keep your profits.
Keep your ego,leave your profits.
A trader has to be very flexible.He should adjust profit & losses as per market conditions.

31.Try to trade in safe zone.If copper is going from 400 to 410,then take 403 to 407,That is safe zone.
You can go for 3lots  for 12pt profit.

32.Do not chase profit.
If chance goes,let it go.It will come back,
buy if capital goes, it will not come back.
No one dieif he falls from slow bicycle.Speed without skill is biggest danger.
Your growth should be slow & steady for retaining success.

33.You should not be bullish or bearish by nature.If we are occupied with some pressumption,we can not see actual movement.

34.Reduce your reaction time.If you observe continuously without any pressure then It will reduce automatically.
Reaction time means gap between taking decision & implementing real trade. not become dustbin.Whole media,tv channel& prints,co traders & many websites are coming with contradictory statements & views.
One becomes full of garbage like dustbin --totally confused.
Refrain from noise,listen to all but follow right reasons.

36.Do not buy or sell in impulse.If right reasons are there(sector running,above avrage,more buyers,bounce from bottom) buy/sell optimum volume with strict small stoploss.
If  no right reason is there,sit free whole day without any trade or open hedging both side(up/down).

37.We should not have attachment or detatchment to any commodity.
some fellow says -we trade in bullions only.
some says- I will never touch silver again.WHY?
We sould be familier to all commodities especiaaly in MCX to get regular intraday profits.
If gold/silver shows very good move  for2-3 days ,then it will become rangebound for next 4-5 days.
When bullion take breather, base metal- copper-nickel -lead-zinc shows big move one by one.

Choose strongest to buy  & weakest to sell on that day to earn maximum with minimum risk.

38. Many of traders know that how to trade when market moves good
But few of traders know - how to pass time without trade when market is in confusing tight range.

39.Keep checking all your pending orders by F3-f3and cancel all useless orders.
See net position in ALT+F6 and keep booking profit directly from there.

40.We need to try and test right system for 50days.Just learn to maintain 1000/- in evening (7-8.30slot)
Then multiply lots(2.3.6) gradually.PROFIT may reach upto 5000/- or 10000/-daily.
If one reaches such target in 24 months,then IS iT LATE? 2lac per month within 2yrs.

41.Some day you tried very much but still in loss of 2000/-. all sl hitting.
Just accept it & leave the screen for today.
You don't have any burden of loan,salary,electricity bill or petrol etc.
Play cool.

42.Never try to recover loss in single shot,Otherwise loss will be double.
Recover loss of 10.000/- in 4parts.

43.Even if you have lost 20lacs in losses ,It is ok to plan 5000/- daily only and stick to plan.
You will cover all your losses in 400 days only(less than 1.5yrs)
If you need to get training,Salaried operator or fast internet speed.
Calculate and arrange all these.
Within 20days ,It will be clear whether these things are  working or not.

44.Record all your trading activities  and time slots in dull hours or late evening..You can see loopholes and improvise day by day.

45.Whole day watching screen may create fatigue in your body,mind and eyes.So take breaks.
Relax your eyes,take a nap in afternoon,meditate,parallel self study of market trends.Write diary.

46.Maintain energy level to remain fearless & to make prompt decision and action.




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